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Pretty Lady Who Lost Virginity At 13 Reveals Her Darkest Secret (Read)

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Don’t we all have a dark secret ,a secret we won’t dare to share with anyone .In the darkest place lies the anonymity with which you can use to share this secrets as they can be pain a times.Read Also: ‘I Had Sex With My Husband’s Friend And Father-Inlaw ‘- Woman Narrates

She wrote:


There were plenty.

I lost my virginity at the age of 13th when I was taking a shower. I was careless when I was cleaning my private part and my finger slipped into my vagina. I told my mom about it and all she told me was “it’s okay”, and she did not even bother to ask a second question. I made up a story with my very first boyfriend that I was raped. Because we were dumb teenager and that story would make more sense. He slept with me several times and dumped me because he could not love someone who already lost her virginity for someone else but him.

My dad passed away when I was 14. Alone. Without a single word for us. Every single time I heard my classmates mentioned about their dads, it was hurt.

I told all of my ex boyfriends that I was pregnant and they were the dad. I did not do it for money. I did that for great attention. They freaked out. Then I told him that I love him more than anything so I went to an abortion, just not to cause him any troubles. I thought they loved me more after the sacrifice I did.

I was an honor student who won all kind of awards and prizes, my GPA was always close to 4.0. My family expected me to finish Phd before I turn 30 and I would gain the professor title in education career. I disappointed them. I quitted the university because it was bored. My boyfriend would bring me to the US where certainly I have better life.

We had a daughter in the US. Our lives turned messy. I urged my bf to scammed our friends so my family have money to live. “We will pay them back later when we’re rich”. – I said. I know I am a true devil. I am disgusting.

Eventually me and my daughter moved back to my country, my bf stayed in the US, married a US citizen and got his green card. We separated. My daughter lives with her paternal grandparents because they are super rich, while I can’t afford to raise my daughter in the way she deserves.. I am living alone in another city, missing her like hell and suffering. I have nothing. Literally nothing.

But those is my dark secrets. No one will ever know.

People and acquaintances admire me, because I’m pretty and smart, because I dare to live a different life, and that I can speak several languages fluently, that I have overcome all of the obstacles, that I have a good heart, I care about the poor, the planet, feminism, and human’s rights . Men who don’t know me enough are obsessed about me, a girl who would read economic books for pleasure and walk on the street like a supermodel. “You’re too good to be true, darling” – They said.

Only I know that there is a rotten soul under my angelic cover.



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