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Psychological Facts About Girls

What are the psychological facts about girls?

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  • Girls love to be praised by other girls, more than being praised by boys.
  • Girls check out other girls more than boys. The reason is to check out the fashion and trend.
  • Girls wear nighties more commonly in India while at home than pajamas or shorts.
  • Girls are sometimes dirtier than boys. Not all are clean, some don’t bath or wash bed sheets for months.
  • Girls usually behave in a kiddish way purposely, so that the boys find them cute.
  • Girls unlike boys watch more and act less, in the case of porn watching.
  • Girls love gifts.
  • Girls usually aren’t fine with their ex dating her other girlfriends, men usually don’t care much.
  • Girls are extremely judgemental compared to boys. They compare themselves with every girl, try to be better than others.
  • Girls are very competitive by nature.
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