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Read Story Of Woman Who Haven’t Had Sex For 7 years(See How She Feels)

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In a world where we all go about the daily business of looking for money and something to eat ,someones most depriving need is sex and intimacy ,sure there are a lot out there suffering same.

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She wrote:


I’m extremely sexually frustrated and finding it very difficult to live with! I am a 51-year-old single woman, and the last time I had sex was 7 years ago (I can remember the month and year actually – February 2012!) I haven’t been in any kind of a relationship with a man since then, and it is getting me down so much. It’s not just the sex though (although I do have a healthy sex drive), it’s being completely physically intimate with someone that I miss so much, and the comfort and sense of connectedness which that gives. I’m so lonely, so frustrated, and men and sex are all I can think about!!

Ideally I want a relationship, want to meet my life partner, my soulmate, someone to share my life with for the rest of my days. But if I can’t get that, I would have a fling or two, if the opportunity presented itself – that would be better than nothing. I just feel that I am missing out on so much by not being sexually active for years (especially since I have been on my own and celibate for a great deal of my life anyway. Relationships and sex have never played a very big part in my life, sad to say – I have been mostly alone. Not through choice, but circumstances – having a lot of psychological problems when I was younger which made intimacy very difficult, as I found it very hard to trust and get close to people. Now that I have got over all of that, I just can’t meet anyone – no one wants me at my age!

It’s even more galling because, although I am ancient, i.e. in my fifties, I look young for my age and I know men still find me sexually attractive – I get quite a lot of them giving me lusting looks, flirting, making comments. But that is all they do!! Why is that? Am I so intimidating?! There is a handsome young man at work (very young, only 25) who makes it clear he finds me attractive, with all of the eye contact and body language, and I definitely would date him, given the chance! But he is in a relationship, way too young obviously, and we work together (sit opposite each other), so that is no doubt a complete no-go.

I am in very good health and could well live for another 30–40 years, and can’t stand the thought of being on my own and celibate for the rest of my life. I often think that if I could have just one wish granted, it would be to have some sex again before I die!!! Preferably within the context of a long-term relationship, but I would settle for a fling, if that was all I could get.

Anyway, that is my burning issue, that I needed to get off my chest! it’s difficult for me to talk to anyone about it, as I find it quite embarrassing and shaming. So being able to share it here gives me a bit of relief. Thank you for reading.


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