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Read This!One Of Princess Diana’s Little Secret Unveiled(Don’t get shocked)

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Princess Diana,When the vibrator was once left in a Kensington Palace drawer, she had it flown more than 4,000 miles to the British Embassy in Nepal – delivered on a silver tray by a gurkha aide during a foreign trip

Princess Diana took her secret ‘Le Gadget’ on trips everywhere – her bodyguard claims

Princess Diana got a thrill playing pranks with a SEX TOY she carried with her on foreign trips, it has been claimed.

The shock revelation has been made by her former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe – whose lack of discretion over the story will likely shock the corridors of Buckingham Palace.

Princess Diana alone at the Taj Mahal in February 1992

The former Inspector explained how – during a ‘wild staff party’ one night out in Paris in November 1992 – Diana purchased an item which came to be known as ‘Le Gadget’ – a vibrator.

Wharfe says she carried her ‘secret mascot’ on “all royal visits abroad”.

He even claims when she once forgot it on a trip to Nepal – and left it behind in a drawer at Kensington Palace – she had it flown over in a diplomatic bag to the British Embassy.

Princess Diana arrives at Alpi Charity Dinner in Buenos Aires

Wharfe says it even arrived “delivered on a silver tray by a gurkha aide to the King of Nepal” during a press reception.

Nobody else has ever corroborated the tale.


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