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Really!!!Married For 7 Years And No Sex??? (Read Story)

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Our amusing stories keeps piling everyday ,today I’m sharing a story of an anonymous lady who said she haven’t had sex since her marriage.

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She wrote:

I am a 33 years old Indian female living abroad. I married my college boyfriend after dating for 3 years. We have been married now for 7 years, but we never had sex. Never! Never! During the courtship period, we kissed , cuddled & hugged with a notion of having sex after the marriage. We tried numerous times in the initial years of marriage but could never reach that stage. Initially, we thought that may be we are not giving sufficient time to this to happen but eventually our priorities shifted from sex to other activities i.e. watching movies, going out for dinner, meeting friends & family.

My husband now complains that am too stiff & powerful and does not allow him to penetrate, while I believe that he is not able to maintain his libido as required. Both of us are too good to actually blame or suggest that someone needs to see the doctor.

We as a couple are the best ones in a group of couples. We are often treated as the role model couples who share common interests, respect each other, careers are well sorted, no financial troubles. When people ask me the mantra for a successful married life or compliment me on the lovely marriage we have, it just cringes me to the core.

Now after 7 years of marriage, both of us are under tremendous pressure to have a baby, we have been dodging that question for long now. Both of us want a child and now we are trying again to have the intercourse, but it is still not working. I have now started little discussions about consulting a doctor for IUI & IVFs but he is adamant not to see a doctor. He still feels that we will be able to make it by trying every weekend which in reality is not happening and I don’t see a possibility too.

I often feel that may be our marriage is not that good as it seems. We are simple pretending to hide the harsh reality. I am always worried.


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