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Record Breaking Black Panther To Be First Movie Shown In Saudi Arabian Cinemas

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Record breaking movie, Black Panther is set to be the first official movie to be shown at Saudi Arabian cinema.

Recall that the Saudi Arabian government recently allowed its citizens to visit the cinemas after 35 years ban in the country.

Black Panther, will help open the first movie theatre in Saudi Arabia On April 18, AMC, its first cinema in the country.

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Marvel’s record-breaking superhero blockbuster, which has already amassed north of $1.2 billion since launching in February, will herald Saudi Arabia’s long-awaited return to the cinema world.

Black Panther to be first film shown in Saudi Arabian cinemas Lailasnews

The movie features a fictional African kingdom that uses a mysterious natural resource to rapidly develop, with a young and charismatic prince becoming king and ultimately deciding to use its technological advances and wealth for the good of the greater world.

The film will be given a gala premiere on April 18 in Riyadh at the first AMC-branded cinema, which was announced Wednesday.

Black Panther is set to play for five days in Riyadh and will be swiftly followed by Avengers: Infinity War, which is being given a day-and-date release on April 26.

Saudi Arabia’s cinemas are reopening under the guidance of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 32. Vast oil reserves have made the country fantastically wealthy, and Salman is pushing hard to use these riches to restructure the country politically and economically before they run out, as part of a plan dubbed “Vision 2030.”


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