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See How Humans Developed Defence Abilities And Speed Compared To Other Wild Animals

Speed. Humans aren’t great in a sprint, but we can run forever. We shed most our hair for better heat management. We evolved sweat glands for same reason.

Our hips are optimized for energy efficient movement and we hunt in packs. If we start pursuing you, we will never stop.

Vision Human eyes are incredible. While we don’t have range of an eagle, or the night vision of a cat we still have some of the finest eyes in the animal kingdom. We can see over 8 million shades of color, fine detail up close and motion or light dozens of miles away.

Communication Humans are capable of a wide range of sounds and volumes. We’ve developed languages to convey complex details of plans and the positions of targets and we can shout them across a distance or whisper them as we stalk. We also can build tools to extend our communication range much farther than our bodies can on their own.

Intelligence Speaking of our penchant for tools. Human brains grant us all kinds of advantages. We can develop complex hunting plans.

Observe our prey and learn their weaknesses or the times and places where they’re vulnerable. We can build traps and weapons, not just to increase our capabilities, but to target specific weaknesses of our prey.

(A simple snare got this lion)

Writing While we’re on the subject of externalizing our abilities, we can write down what we learn.

This lets us pass hard earned knowledge about the weaknesses of other animals, or the ways to build weapons and traps from generation to generation. Writing is one of the main reasons we went from this .

To this

If you took all our tools away, burned our libraries and made us start from scratch, most us would die in the food shortage that followed, but the survivors would rebuild it all over the next few thousand years.

And we’d still be the most terrifying predators on earth.

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