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See How Scorpion Mother Care For Her Offspring

Scorpions mate after a male locates a female using pheromones and vibrations. Following a long mating process, female scorpions undergo a gestational phase ranging from a couple of months to 1 year. Scorplings(baby scorpions) are born alive and climb up onto their mother’s back. Scorpions can give birth to litters ranging between 20 and 100 babies!

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By 2 weeks old scorpions are capable of stinging and leave their mothers back to fend for themselves. Scorpions reach maturity in about 1 year, depending on the availability of food.

  • Scorpion babies’ “SCORPLINGS” are a creamy white color.
  • Tiny little Scorplings ride on their mothers back till their 1st molt (usually 10-20 days) then climb down and become independent predators.
  • After their 1st molt, Scorplings leave their mother back to feed.
  • Scorpions molt 6 times before they’re mature, between 3 – 4 years.
  • Adult scorpions live for several years! It’s common for scorpions to live up to 8 YEARS! Scorpion Reproduction & Babies –
  • Do Scorpions Lay Eggs? – Scorpion Control – Responsible Pest Control Mesa, AZ

In this picture you can clearly see their creamy color and this mom obviously had quite a litter of scorplings.
Thank you for the A2A, I found the information fascinating.

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