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See How Jealous Ex-Boyfriend Disfigures Girls Face

A woman has recalled the terrifying moment her jealous ex boyfriend flew into a rage and bit her face 21 times so that ‘no man would look at her again’

Melody Moon, 25, had broken up with her partner Jamie Mitchell, 27, after he became controlling and violent.

Jamie flew into a jealous rage and decided to attack Melody once he had persuaded her to visit his home to talk things through.  Melody said:

‘Suddenly Jamie punched me to the ground and wrapped his hands around my throat.
‘”You’re going to die” he said and dragged me by my hair to the sofa.He said he was going to bite my face so no man would look at me again.
‘As his face came towards mine I realised in disbelief he was sinking his teeth into my skin, biting my cheek, lips and ears.’

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