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See What Happen Inside Our Body If We Consume No Sugar

Originally Answered: What happens to your body if you completely ditch all types of sugar?

Well, if you were on a high sugar diet previously, and you completely gave it up, your liver might go from this:

To this

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Table sugar (sucrose) should not be confused with the glucose in yams and broccoli.

It’s 50% fructose, and fructose in itself isn’t a problem if you consume it in fruit, which offers a smaller dose and comes with fiber to slow digestion.

But the average American consumes 60 to 75 lbs of refined sugar per year, most of it from processed food. 50% of that refined sugar is fructose, which can’t be burned like glucose until the liver converts it to a usable form of energy.

When you overwhelm the liver with fructose, as is typical with the standard American diet, the liver can only store that fructose as liver fat in the short term. The result is non-alcoholic fatty liver similar to the liver of an alcoholic, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and eventually, type 2 diabetes.

If that weren’t enough, elevated levels of blood glucose (table sugar is 50% glucose) are problematic as well, leading to chronic inflammation and increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s, among other things.

The sweet danger of sugar – Harvard Health
Of course, kicking the sugar habit isn’t easy because it’s nearly as addictive as cocaine. Here’s what it does to your brain.


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