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See What Happened After Girl Saw Her Uncle And Little Niece Alone In Upper Room(True Story)

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She began Narrating the story by saying :I belong to a very vibrant town.Read Also: ‘How I Found Out The Biggest Secret About My Husband After Marriage’

My family was huge with six uncles ,their wives and four aunts and their families.

Our house was huge and my family was a well known rich family of town. Almost everyone knew us.

This happened when I was eight years old. My dad was fourth in the line after him I had two uncles my youngest uncle was thirty at that time with a four year old son. My second uncles daughter was seventeen years old.lets call her mira

This story revolves round them.

Our house was a three storey house with a huge ground. On first floor there was a big office where there were four rooms all fully furnished. All the males of the family used to have business meetings and had business related guest there from time to time.

We were five kids in the house and used to play in entire house as those were summer vacations and we had nothing to do. But we were forbidden to go to this first floor office as most official documents were placed there.

One day during our hide and seek play I just crept into the office section because I knew no-one would come there. As I was hiding behind curtain I heard some laughter from side room. Out of curiosity I walked will rolled feet to catch a glimpse of who was inside.

I saw my youngest uncle literally tickling my cousin Mira and she laughing. I was thinking why they are alone? Anyways I stood there a while and watched them hugging each other and left office.

I thought of telling this to my sister but then soon I forgot this. After almost a month or more one night I woke up to loud sounds of fighting and shouting. All my uncle’s and everyone in the family had gathered in Mira’s house. She was crying.

Next morning I saw my youngest uncles wife leaving home along with her son. And nobody talking to no-one. Years later I came to know that Mira was pregnant and accused my uncle for it. My uncle had different say he told that he was forced by her in this relation.

Anyways Mira was taken to sumwhere else. And my youngest uncle’s wife returned home few weeks later.

By the end of year Mira was married off to some business guy. And everyone forgot about it.

My family shifted to Mumbai. After few years we heard that Mira left her husband and is living with her brother in law. Again after few years we got to know she was living with a guy from different religion. Such news. Became the norm till today.

Today Mira is in Mumbai with a rich guy without marriage, who has three married children. And my youngest uncle is a politician who has been MLA of the town thrice and everyone respect him.

Till today me or my family has never ever shared this secret to anyone. People assume we are a family of high morals and values. And the above one was only one of my family’s secret. There are many which are even darker.


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