See What OAP Freeze Has To Say About $90 Billion Theft Allegation On Diezani Allison(Vidoe

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Just this morning, we shared with you a video of Nollywood movie producer and actor, Kunle Afolayan raining curses on former Petroleum Minister Diezani Allison Madueke for allegedly stealing about $90 Billion off the federation’s account.

Well this evening, another notable Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze has a contrary opinion as to how such matters should be handled on social media.

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Read What Freeze has to say:

Guys, lets not jump at sensationalized news captions aimed at drawing traffic to websites.

How much money does Nigeria have as a nation that someone will steal $90 billion?

I’m my opinion, it is simply impossible for Dieziani to have stolen $90 Billion from a country whose annual budget is $23billion. Do you know how much $90billion is?

Guys calm down, many of you have selected lynch mob mode in the subconscious part of your brains, please reset your brain back to normal.

I am in no way supporting corruption and if Dieziani is found wanting by a competent court, let her be persecuted accordingly, but until that is done, please I implore all well meaning Nigerians to stop cursing her and her mother, at least not for this crime, as it is humanly impossible to commit it; you can’t steal more than what is available! ~FRZ
#FreeTheSheeple #Dieziani #90BillionDollars

My question is as an average Nigerian, do you think people like Allison should be given civil treatments as suggested by Freeze or the “Jungle Justice” reactions like that of Kunle Afolayan given the extreme effect that money laundering has had on the Nigerian Economy….Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section

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