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Simplest Way To Stay Young

Below is possibly the simplest and most effective method to stay young, available to every human being at any age.

And the good news – it is not necessarily about diet, exercise, cosmetic surgeries, pills, or anything else you would need to buy. There are three most important things you can do to stay youthful inside and out:

Deshun Wang ( 84 y.young)

Ask yourself a question: How old I am feeling now?
It does not matter if you are 50 now and may look 25 on the outside. However, it is of utmost importance if you are 50 but feeling inside 25. The longer you can stay young in heart, the longer you will be psychically young too. Whenever we have a joy of life, playfulness, curiosity, fearlessness, open to meet new people, falling in love, desire to go to new places or to start new projects – everything that usually younger people are experiencing – we stay young in heart.


Yasmina Rossi ( 64 y.young)

2. Ask yourself a second question: What do I have in plans 5–10–20–30 years from now?

You should always have a purpose for your future – a set of goals, aspirations, and plans. The program of death is initiated internally as soon as your plans have ended. On a piece of paper write down your vision of the nearest and distant future in detail and bit by bit go after your dreams and follow your plans. Keep revisiting or editing your master plan at least once a year, so it would never end and your internal youthfulness re-programming will continue.

3. And, finally, examine: What kind of people are around me?

Toxic, negative people are sucking our life energy and literally killing us. Protect your life and keep your distance from anyone criticizing, bullying, and putting you down, no matter how close your relationship with them. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people, close to you in your young spirit, sharing with you similar values & views on life.

Valentina Yasen (65 y.young)

Conclusion: Psychological death brings physical death. Stay young in heart and you will be youthful for the rest of your long life!


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