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Some Interesting Facts About Crocodiles(No 1 Will Shock You)

Crocodiles are  animal that hasn’t changed for over 2 million years, that has survived the most adverse of situations and extinctions, and that remains the most flawless and superior of its kind, everything is interesting

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So, after million years of survival and DNA “experience”, these are some incredible things that crocodiles can do:

  1. They can’t just die out of hunger, because they will slow their metabolism and endure for months. Additionally, they have been observed using branches as tools, in order to lure birds. This behavior is deliberately done, as it is only observed during spring, when the need for the construction of the nest arises.


  1. They can’t just die when they lose a limb because their body prevents the spread of possible diseases and infections and completely heals.


  1. They can’t just freeze to death, even though they’re ectothermic, because they will stick out their nostrils and continue living frozen, for even a week, by adjusting the flow of oxygen in their bodies. It’s called torpor. (only alligators however)


  1. They can’t just get sick by bacteria found in the environment and food because their immune system is unparalleled. So much so, that scientists want to use it to prolong our lives. It has been observed that the immune system of crocodiles is extremely advanced. During an experiment, when human blood was exposed to 23 strains of bacteria, it managed to exterminate 8 of them, while crocodile blood easily annihilated all 23 strains!


  1. They can’t just miss their prey frequently because they have sensory organs (ISOs) that detect pressure changes in the water.


  1. They can’t just die out of dehydration because they have glands that control the absorption of salt. (Saltwater crocodile)


  1. They can’t just drown when they attempt to swallow their prey because they have evolved an organ (palatal valve) which seals their esophagus and trachea/windpipe to prevent flow of water.
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