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Squalid conditions a 93-year-old widow is forced to endure despite paying carers thousands to look after her (PHOTOS)

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These shocking photographs show the squalid conditions a 93-year-old woman is being forced to live in, despite paying thousands of pounds for carers to look after her.

The widowed pensioner lives alone in her semi-detached home in Nottingham and is paying around £1,000-a-month for carers to look after her, clean her home and take care of her medical needs.

Nottingham City Council was supposed to provide her with two 15 minute visits and one two-and-a-half hour visit every week through sub-contractors Sevacare, but disturbing photographs taken by a friend show the pensioner’s kitchen crawling with maggots, piles of dirty plates in the sink and filthy work surfaces.

Bread found in the house was so old it had turned to dust and the woman, who has not been named, was forced to sleep on the sofa downstairs and wash in the filthy kitchen sink.

Good Samaritan Ursula Norris raised concerns about the woman’s squalid living conditions after befriending her when she saw her struggling to make her way home.

‘I met the old lady on March 8 while driving back from my son’s football practice at around 6.30pm,’ said Mrs Norris, who works as a nanny.

‘It was dark and raining, and my husband and I could see an old lady at the side of the road looking wet and confused.

‘We stopped and offered our assistance. She was very grateful and explained she wasn’t sure how to get home.

‘We helped her into the car and assured her we would get her home safely.

‘While driving to her home around two miles away, we chatted and she told me she had been to Nottingham City Council to pay a debt of £1,000 which she owes for her care bill.

‘I asked if a family member could have done this for her, and she told me she said no children and that she was ill as a baby and was not able to conceive.

‘She did say she had a brother but he died ten years ago, as did her husband.

‘She told me she was 93 years old and that she doesn’t have a single friend.

‘My heart sank. I promised her that I would be her friend and I kept to my word.’

Mrs Norris said a few days later she had arrived at the woman’s home with a bunch of flowers and a Sunday roast dinner, only to be confronted with the shocking state of the house.

‘What I saw was indescribable,’ she said. ‘I walked in through the back door, and immediately smelt urine and rot.

‘The stench hit me before I had even seen anything and it actually stuck to my skin so badly, that I could taste for a day after.

‘When I walked into the kitchen, what I uncovered was inhumane, shocking, sickening and disgusting.

‘The bread had turned into dust – it was completely unrecognisable. The rotting food in the kitchen fridge must have been in there for years.

‘There were tins all over the floor and thick layers of dust and dirt everywhere.

‘The poor lady even told me how she was forced to sleep downstairs on the sofa, as she have limited mobility and struggles to get upstairs.

‘She told me that she has a bent posture. No one should be forced to sleep on the sofa in their own home if they are in poor health. She even washes her face in the kitchen sink with a bowl.

‘The thought of it makes me so upset and saddened to think that she has been left to live in this way.’

Mrs Norris said she had immediately contacted Nottinghamshire Police, who in turn contacted social services who offered to send a team of professional cleaners to the woman’s home.



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