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Story Shared:How To Get A Job In Nigeria

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According to an Online poster Kinibigdeal,getting job employment in Nigeria is mainly divided into two personalty.The fool and the wise job seeker,In his illustration ,he explained why the fool gets better job offer and the wise remains unemployed for years.Are you going to be a fool or wise man today?Choose!


Your regular dictionary explains a fool as ”someone who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person” while same dictionary explains a wise man as someone ”with experience, knowledge, and a good judgement”.

Before i elucidate further, take a look at the following statistics in order to have a clearer picture of where am heading to. A research was carried out by ”Jobstreet journal” to determine the core reasons why ”Fresh graduates are finding it hard to get a job” the respondents employed for the research were majorly ”employers of labour”.

The findings from the research reveals that 68% of the employers agrees that ”UNREALISTIC SALARIES AND BENEFITS, BEING TOO CHOOSY ON JOBS” were the two major reasons why fresh graduate couldn’t get a job.


What Then Is My points Regarding The Topic?

I will classify 90% of unemployed graduate in the category of a ”wise man” while the remaining 10% are the fools. Why? Because a fool will rather dine with a pig to get fed while a wise man will rather go hungry than to dine with a pig. I’m not saying there are jobs in Nigeria but i’m saying many of the unemployment situation in Nigeria are ”Self afflicted” How? Recalling the findings of the ”Jobstreet journals” you will discover that many of our fresh graduate are being too choosy on jobs.
Everyone wants to work with Dangote, NLNG, Telecomms etc to boost ego’s but no one is ready to start with ”Kabiru’s Incorporated”. That’s the problem! Everyone want to start with fat salary, impress their peers on instagram, Nairaland and show fleets of current ride’s on facebook but no one is ready to sacrifice. Am not saying is a crime to be ambitious, but am asking if such ambition can work in a ”rotting system”?

I started my first job as a ‘Fool’ with a pay of 25k while many of my colleagues were mocking me and waiting to submit ”applications’ in the next job adverts in Dangote. Yea, the mocking is for real when your monthly transport fare is around 15k and you are earning 25k, of what benefit is the remaining 10k? But to me, my aim was beyond the firm! I wanted to build a platform, I wanted to gain experience, I wanted to build a ”referral”.

Ofcourse it did work! It was from the low paying firm that i connect to a better paying firm. Today, I may not be earning as large as the guy’s in the oil sector but am ‘comfortable’ while those that mocked me then are still jobless after 5years with no experience. Who will employed them? The truth is, no firm is ready to train any fresh graduate any longer because of the present state of the economy. So be a fool!


The best ways to fight unemployment in Nigeria is to seek ”experience” where ever possible and forget your own ”intuition of wisdom”. How do you get the experience? Start from somewhere even if the pay is not encouraging, focus on developing yourself, use the influence of the coy to ‘Network yourself, sell yourself” and most importantly, make sure you build yourself to a level where the low paying coy cant do without you, they will be forced to review your earning.

A fool will rather go for a job of 15k while a wise man will insist on a job of 1m (while staying inexperienced), at the end, a fool would have gathered enough experience to remain ”distinguished” and employable while the wiseman will remain inexperience and keep blaming ”employers” for seeking for experience. How can you study marketing and be scared of ”Marketing’ position at Chukwudi incorporatd”?

How will you know your strength and weakness irrespective of the salary? How will you study insurance and you cant apply at ”Hassan’s Assurance” because of the low pay? You can only help yourself before the government helps you. I know is not easy but we have to keep trying.




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