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Surviving Your 20s Is A Tough Job(Here Are Things You Can Do)

Surviving your 20s is a tough job, and without proper guidance, finding the right approach to life can make or break your dream of a successful life in the long run.

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Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Think About Money, First

More than anything, it’s extremely important to start thinking about money early, before you get older, when things start getting in the way—how to earn it, how to manage it, and how to make lots of it.

Unfortunately, most families don’t even talk about money at the dinner table. Certainly, in the future, the happiest person will be a man or woman with lots of money.

2. Choose Your Friends, Wisely

Choose your friends wisely. You will become the average of the five friends you spend most of your time with. You will also discover that most of your current friends are liabilities.

Think about it, if you spend most of your time with criminals and gang members, you’ll certainly end up in jail.

You will also discover that it is more important to keep one good friend for fifteen years than to make 100 new fake friends.

3. Don’t Get Too Excited About Life

Don’t experiment with life. Certainly, life doesn’t experiment with you. You’re a real person living on this freaking planet.

Relationships will come and go, and there will be headaches, heartaches, and disappointments. You’ll love someone and that person will not love you back.

Being in your 20s is like being on a roller coaster ride of emotions and activities you’re not in control of. You’ll go through several stages of evolution before you find the right person for you.

This will certainly take its toll on your precious time, health, effort, and money, which you certainly can’t afford.

Don’t be too hard on yourself to take risks, but at the same time be careful.

Study a person deeply for one year before you decide to have a serious relationship with them. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

4. Beware, Social Media Hype

Don’t get lost in the social media hell. 90% of it is unreal. Most of it comprises fake personalities and fake millionaires.

Try to avoid it and start living in the real world—for a while. Use this time to reflect. You’ll become wiser.

You will discover how much social media is now controlling 90% of humans on the planet by understanding what they do, where they go, where they hang out, whom they hang out with, what they eat, what they like, and how they spend their time.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Don’t waste your time even for a moment worrying about people who don’t seem to care or notice you.

They’ll not add a single plate of food on your table. Instead, worry, care and love yourself, and soon, people who don’t seem to care will start following you.

Take care, because the majority of them are only interested in what they can get out of you.

6. Health is Important

Money is certainly important for survival, but even more important is your health. You should take care of your health like you take care of your soul—what you eat, how many hours of sleep you get, and what daily habits you practice.

If you don’t take exercise and meditation seriously as part of your daily rituals, you’ll find yourself bedridden or sick for the rest of your life when you hit 60.

7. Be An Entrepreneur—At Heart

Study for whatever career you are currently pursuing for that’s important to get a good job these days, but remember, the job market has been shrinking rapidly for decades.

More importantly, learn the business and start shifting your focus towards entrepreneurship. An employee of the future will also be an entrepreneur-minded person who has a fall back plan really for any eventualities.

8. Choose Your Career Carefully

Choose a career that has a trajectory. What this means is that before you choose a career, ask yourself if that’s what you’d still be enjoying doing for the next 25 years.

More importantly, choose a career that can give you leverage. Money considerations will certainly take center-stage, but also your relationship matters, family matters, location freedom, time freedom, and your personal enjoyment.

9. Find A Mentor

Everybody makes mistakes. To minimize them, find a mentor who will be available to guide you on the treacherous journey of life.

More importantly, a mentor is like your personal doctor; you know—the guy who has been there, seen that, done that.

S/he will help you minimize the mistakes of life. This person will also help you cut the cost of learning by minimizing the mistakes you make.

10. Start Investing, Early

Start investing 10% of your income as early as possible. Investing has another magic term called the “Compound Effect”.

What this means is that you’ll start building your future by putting money in your future in small bits.

The strange thing about it is that when you reach that future, you’ll find it there waiting for you. In fact, you’ll find it there waiting for you together with it’s siblings and offspring, a.k.a. interest.

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