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Tackling Incessant Crisis In Northern Nigeria

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To address the issue of the incessant crisis in Northern Nigeria, one has to look at the cause of the crisis.

Now, if you are able to trace the cause, you can therefore devise a possible solution. But most importantly, the general problem we are facing in Nigeria is the inability of the government to solve the issue of poverty.

The poverty level in the country is very high, so many people are living in abject poverty, and this brings us to the alarming rate of unemployment, especially amongs the youths.

And if these youths are not employed, they can be used by any group whatsoever.

Most of the crisis in the Northern part of Nigeria can be attributed to  ethnic, religious, economic, social dversity.

When members of the society are dissatisfied with certain decisions of the government, they act negatively or otherwise.

It is pertinent to say that some of the crisis we see in Northern Nigerian is as a result of  the government’s negligence to core aspects and need of members of their society.

A possible solution to the crisis bedeviling Northern Nigeria is that the government has to be sensitive to the needs of members of their society.

Basic social and infrastructural amenities  should also be provided as this would give the entire citizenry ease and a workable environment as well as eradicate poverty to its barest minimum.

Aprovision of the above by any government would easily ensure that the crisis is tackled objectively.

Then there is also the need to redefine the idea of citizenship in the country. Nigerians generally have to develope the attiude of seeing themselves first as citizens of Nigerian before they display any ethnic loyalty.

If you see yourself as citizens rather than indigens of a particular geographic locations most of this crisis would be reduced.

It is rather unfortunate that there had been losses. For example, lives that were lost cannot be recovered and these are lives of citizens of the country, innocent citizens for that matter who have been killed.

Their lives and input to the development of he country cannot be recovered.

Now the burning of houses, burning of business premises, burning of churches and worship centers are those the government can assist In rebuilding and supporting the family and relatives of the victims.

But presently many of our burnt churches are left untouched by the government, no one is taking an active interest and this is causing retrogression in the country economically because when people lose their businesses, they return back to the very beginning they started off from which can result into loss of life, hypertension even terminal illness because they have been injured.

The government should therefore come to the aid of everyone affected by the crisis.

Bello Tope is currently a student of Mass Communication at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria.


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