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Tackling The Menace Of Indecent Dressing

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Indecent dressing refers to the deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public. This practice is contrary to the acceptable norms and values of the society.

Moral decadence on the other is a reduction in the level of morality in the society.

In 2012, precisely 1st October during the commemoration of Nigeria’s independence day, I witnessed an ever tightening maltreatment given to a lady in Oghara in ethiope west local government Area of Delta State by some Nigeria military men over her almost-nude-parade.

The ‘Okada’ rider that carried her was forced to suck her breasts publicly in the presence of her lover!

It is important to note that culture norms and value systems of a particular society dictate the rightful manner one is to be dressed.

Indecent dressing on one hand, characterizes major causes of the various assaults and sexual harassments recorded in the society, over time in the name of fashion and civilization.

Ladies dress half naked to functions for instance Nigeria ladies derive pleasure in wearing miniskirts, bump shorts, armless tops e.t.c.

Some youths have been subjected to undue punishment and prejudice. Innocent boys have been subject to arrest alongside hooligans because of this bad dressing menace.

Boys nowadays fix hairs, do ear piercings and the likes, sagging, hot bosom, low waist and the likes making them look like hardened criminals and suffer undue arrest.

Devaluation of inherited cultural value. The important of the western style of life was divided our culture heritage and subsequently devalued value, edged out our norms to stage corner and rendered our belief a fallacy a big way.

Low Self Esteem
Gone are those days when an Africa man put on his native attire. Flamboyantly and proudly display what he wears; even taking vociferously has become a thing of past owing to low self-esteem. These are anymore others are the advert effect on indecent dressing.

Possible Way Out
Parent should dress decently and act as roll models to their children as a Yoruba proverbs says “owu iya gbon  lo mo n ran”. Parent should play a catalyst role which is so paramount in building a nation.

Religious institutions should always promote the culture of decent dressing.
Dress code should be introduce in higher institution and given to all student.

The mass media should do more to promote decency in dressing among youth.
There should be formatting of campus brigades to check the dressing patterns of student.
Our legislator should reflect this in the constitution as it seems the guiding star of the three wise men of our days.

“A stitch in time they say saves nine”. There is need to direct efforts of our dear value, norms and culture purportedly anchored by HUB of our society, by Government before indecent dress eats up our marrow. Therefore, I recommend that serious called indecent dressing has been paid Ebola, Lassa fever, Zika e.t.c.

Awoniya Anikeola Eunice is currently studying Mass Communication at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State.


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