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That Apple You Bought Might Be Coated With Wax(Here’s How To Remove It)

Be careful! Every single apple you buy is coated with wax, despite being classified edible, but in many cases, it is bad for your digestive system.

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Wax :

How to remove it:

What is it made from?

Some kinds of wax are made from bee wax and other natural sources, but unfortunately, Some food producers may use a synthetic form of wax on apples, usually a proprietary formula. Unfortunately, this wax is petroleum-based and made of ingredients your body doesn’t recognize. I think I do not want more petroleum based products in my food.

Is it bad:

Natural based waxes are not bad, while the ones manufactured from petroleum products may not be easily absorbed by the body and can be harmful for the colon or the small intestine. Polyethylene, the same plastic used to make disposable shopping bags can also be applied in a very thin layer.

How is it applies:

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