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The Most Well Preserved Body (Coffin of Xin Zhui)

When the coffin of Xin Zhui, a lady from 2200 years ago, was open, the archaeologists found her body was still well preserved and looked alive.

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The body was sunk in a mysterious liquid.

Her skin was still soft and delicate. Her joints were still movable. And her face was still lifelike.

A Real sleeping beauty from 2200 years ago.

But it was in 1972.

Archaeologists didn’t know how to deal with her body.

They took the body out, and it started to decay as soon as exposed to air.

It became awful in a few minutes.

Researchers still don’t know clearly why her body can look alive until now.

They put her in the underground palace in Hu Nan Museum with other findings from the Archaeological Site of Mawangdui, Changsha.

(Pic from the Game of Heroes: Three Kingdoms.)

Lady Xin Zhui was the wife of a Prime Minister in Han Dynasty.

She died because eating the muskmelon in hot summer, which seeds caused the biliary colic and sudden death due to severe heart rhythm disturbance.


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