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This app, telfone, can save you from Kidnap

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Telfone, an application built by Rich Opara, a Nigerian digital expert, is set to save millions of people across 20 countries and six continents from kidnap, rape, mugging and emergency related crimes.

Telfone is a personal safety network, working to keep its users safe in any emergency.

“It is a simple web app, no need for app downloads and no need for smartphone, just a proactive text message alert to keep you safe before emergency strikes!” Opara explained.

“The app is built to alert your family and friends in emergency, locating you and proactively alerts the police or security agencies near you for help in real-time.

“We find ourselves in emergency situations unawares, without prior warning, and though there are systems designed to help us feel safe – the problem is, most safety systems are designed to react after emergency strikes.

“They react after you take action for help. But what if you couldn’t?

“In emergency situations, mostly shocked and overpowered, unable to call for help, or reach our mobile phones to contact security agents, we feel helpless.”

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Having worked with some of the world’s biggest brands like Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid, Opara has had to manage multi-billion global digital advertising budget.

He said he had seen first-hand, kids in dire need of safety, while managing digital media campaigns across Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Opara revealed that the #BBOG campaign inspired him to find a solution to the problem of personal safety.

Telfone was released in May, and will be  launched globally this month.


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