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‘I Was Thrown Out Of The Plane Because Of My Tattoo’-Grandfather ’33’ Laments

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A British grandfather thrown off a plane by more than a dozen Spanish police has claimed he was discriminated against because of his facial tattoo.

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Davi Stretton-Mellor, 33, was with his wife, children and grandchildren on a flight to Gran Canaria when a row broke out with passengers they claimed were banging on seats.

Mr Stretton-Mellor (second from right) with Shelby-Ann Stretton-Mellor, Skyla Stretton-Mellor, Kenzie Millerchip and Andrew Bostock after they eventually arrived in Gran Canaria

Mr Stretton-Mellor said he was woken by police after the plane diverted to Santiago de Compostella Airport in northern Spain and forced to leave.

The indignant grandfather said: ‘They were just being so horrible to us and made us feel like absolute scum.

‘I do have a tattoo on my face, a tribal tattoo, and part of me thinks it was discrimination because of that.’

Davi Stretton Mellor was thrown off the plane alongside his wife, Kerry-Anne Millerchip on MondayMr Stretton-Mellor, pictured with his wife, believes he was discriminated against because of his distinctive facial tattoo

He said he and wife Kerry-Anne Millerchip, their daughter and son-in-law, young children and grandchildren, aged just two and three, were forcibly removed from the flight from Birmingham to Las Palmas by around 17 police officers.

When the drama unfolded Davi said he was asleep and was woken by Spanish police who demanded he leave the plane.

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