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Tips To Get Fit At Home

1. Wake Up by 5.00 am or 5.15 am

2. Brush Your Teeth & get freshen up.

3. Then eat something like fruits like Apple/Banana/Oats

4. Get ready to start running at 5.30 am or 5.45 am (try to improve your running time day by day)

5.Then start to do push-ups, pull-ups, double bar & free squat (try to increase the count day by day)

6. After the workout, try to eat within half an hour time

7. Remember to avoid (oily foods, junk foods, fried foods, sugar items, cake items, chips items, etc)

8. Avoid bulk eating, instead go for 6 serving of foods per day

9. Try to eat homemade foods, avoid hotel/restaurant foods

10.In free time or 11.30 am to 12.00 pm, eat more of fruits/raw vegetables

11. In Afternoon, eat carbohydrate(brown rice) with lean protein(meat if you non- veg/ if you are veg eat veggies)

12. In a free time eat more fruits/juices

13. Evening take light foods with some sort of juices/ fruits

14. Sleep 7 hours a day

15. Most importantly hydrate more

16. Do not give up.

Extra Bonus :

Plan for outdoor sports/ Trekking,
Do not watch TV By simply sitting, instead of that try for push-ups, or squat workouts,
Go for running with your friends who have the same concept of keeping their body fit,
Never addicted to Porn/Masturbation,
Try Yoga & Meditation as well if you have more time to concentrate on your health.
Edit 2:

Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.
Take the Stairs, not escalator or Lift.
Eat daily 150 grams of chicken to gain muscle.
Try sprint after running.
Eat correct, and avoid using the phone before sleep.
Edit 3:

Have soaked almonds in the morning empty stomach to lose weight,
If you want to gain healthy fat eat eggs, fruit juices, etc
Good Luck….

———-Love Yourself

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