Toke Makinwa Talks About Closure (video)

Controversial media personality Toke Makinwa took to her official Instagram page to talk about closure in relationships. According to her, finding closure from broken relationships inflicts more pain than healing. The media personality noted that there is no need for an explanation into why someone hurt a person that they claim to love. She stated that it is best to move on.

Marriages should have expiration dates – Toke Makinwa - Vanguard News

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She said: “…to me, closure is a trap to promote toxic behavior. It’s ended, it hurts, why do I need you to explain why you couldn’t treat me well? Not only relationships, even in family settings, meeting up with someone who abandoned you as a child to hear why they couldn’t be an adult inflicts more pain than healing.”

Just like many people, the media personality revealed that in the past she believed that not having closure limits a person from moving on till she realized that it’s all in the mind. She said: “They left, it hurt, you survived and your healing is your right. I don’t know it all but I feel like closure is giving the people that hurt us an opportunity to soften the blow, we let them justify their bad behavior at our own expense, we relieve them of their guilt entertaining it, and hurt ourselves even deeper. And those people that ask if we can still be your friends after a breakup, Do you even know the definition of friendship?”
Watch her speak below:

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