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Top 3 Reasons Why Wives Cheat

An anonymous Counselor had written online why women cheat on their husband.

She wrote:

I’ve been with a few married women and I love asking them this question just to understand how women think. One of the most interesting things I’ve found about wives who cheat is how they have to justify why their cheating. Men can cheat and have absolutely no reason for cheating apart from the fact that they were horny and the woman was hot or was available or both. Women on the other hand, seem to feel the need to justify why there doing what their doing and in most cases, the root cause is blamed on their man, never their carnal desires.

So based on my observations and conversations with cheating married women, this is why I think married women cheat.

  1. Respect, or lack of it, for their spouses. This I think is the biggest reason a woman will cheat on you. If she doesn’t respect you as a man then it makes it easier for her to fuck another man and not blink an eye. I’ve never met a woman who cheats on her hubby who fully respects him, just doesn’t happen. And the main reasons why the woman doesn’t respect her hubby are either about money or ambition or both. If the woman thinks your not making enough money to sustain the family or your not ambitious enough, she’s more tempted to cheat on you.
  2. Not being fulfilled sexually. We need to kill this myth that men have stronger sex drives than women, women want sex just as much as men do. However society ostracises horny promiscuous woman calling them sluts, whores, ho’s, while horny promiscuous men are deemed to be studs. So most women learn to hide their sexual drive and desires in order to be seen the good girl next door. However once married, the woman gets frustrated if her partner doesn’t match her sexual drive and/or isn’t as kinky as her. Eventually too much sexual frustration leads a woman to look for an alternative.
  3. Just sheer boredom. As mentioned in another post, some women love the thrill of fucking around on their men. Their men could be doing everything right yet forbidden sex is so sweet! Maybe their men don’t appreciate them enough, maybe the marriage has become boring and predictable, maybe its some kind of midlife crisis or maybe she’s just bored with her normal predictable life. If a man shows her a bit of attention, compliments her, treats her like a woman instead of a wife or mother, it makes things easier for her to take the plunge, sometimes with disastrous consequences for all parties involved.
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