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December 13, 2016 was like full eclipse (night in the day) when it was announced that Mavros are frozen for 30 days….. Many wept! Leaders of the community received unending calls…….it wasn’t funny at all

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Rumors flew that it was over, several headlines, so many ‘I said it.’ At a point, we all picked courage and January 14th, 2017 was like the coming of a great philanthropist…. All were hopeful. Christmas came and gone, new year followed suit, yet, all everyone is after is that great day.


On 13th January, MMM beat everyone’s imagination and resumed and the whole nation shook in jubilation…..Now it was time for MMMites, great Mavrodians, to laugh at their enemies. But then, the unimaginable happened…. GH was for small amounts..

Mehn! So frustrating! To worsen it all, GH were deleted! Hmmm! Let it not be what I’m thinking o! To cut the long story short, some were paid, others refused payment and in no distant time, hopes were dashed 😢😥😭 So many people out of frustration said it’s over! There were so many grumbling and complaints all over. The rest of the story you knew.

Amidst all these, MMM programmers for once has never stopped work, both underground and on the ground….hahahaha.

This write up is aimed @ exposing in a flash what they’ve been able to achieve this few months.

1. Change of guider

2. Call center (01-888-7960)

3. Resolution of moratorium issue as one account cannot be added twice people no longer complain about MORA again

4. Promo task

5. Introduction of mavro 30% or 50% for Bitcoin

6. Fake POP resolution

7. Upgrade support (new topics added)

8. SMS notification( not yet 100% available)

9. New PH interface

10. New guider school outline

11. Implementation of PO sugestions(in view)

12. Bitcoin is now global The most amazing thing is that:

13. My MMM 2017 is back to normal and very strong.

14. My Landing Page URL

What more can we say….

MMM is just the best…. Let’s I forget… In the midst of this turbulent times, so many copycats platforms came up… Some got paid, so many lost…. The rest is history.

The truth is: We’ve allowed our frustrations cover the good and possibilities around us….. See the good side of MMM and you’ll know that there are no jokes around.

Trust the system, believe the system and MMM17! Please let us market MMM in every social media. PH is the way!

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