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Two Men Caught Stealing Car Batteries From LASTMA Office

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The Lagos state command of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of have apprehended, Hakeem Fatai, 24, for stealing batteries from the premises of the Lagos State Transport Management Authority (LASTMA) at Ojota area office of the state.

The Policemen who acted on a tip-off by the LASTMA’s management about the missing batteries from their premises, laid siege for the suspect, and caught him while attempting to remove another battery from an impounded bus.

No fewer than Twenty (20) batteries have been removed from the impounded vehicles which were parked inside the premises within a fortnight.

The suspect confessed to operating with an accomplice he identified as Yahoo, who is now at large.

According to him¸” Yes, I am responsible for the missing batteries. But I didn’t work alone. We are a two-man gang who usually steal batteries, our targeted vehicle was Volkswagen bus because its batteries can be removed easily without much stress. We don’t usually go for trailer for its battery is protected with burglary.

The suspect, who was picked-up at about 2:00 a.m. over the weekend, by the operatives, said that he always scale through the agency’s fence to access the compound and remove the batteries while his accomplice stayed outside to watch the surroundings for him.

“We have devised our operation to the extent that no one could suspect us while committing the crime inside the premises… We know the exact time to scale through the fence because their security guards are too fond of sleeping. We capitalized on their inefficiency to strike”, he confessed.


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