Usain Bolt Caught In Bed With 20yr-old Model To Celebrate His 30th Birthday

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Usain Bolt stirred up controversy after a 20-year-old Rio student named Jady Duarte reportedly shared photos of herself in bed with the Jamaican sprinter. According to The Daily Mail, Duarte released the pictures after Bolt celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday (21 August).

This comes following reports of the nine-time Olympic gold medallist spotted twerking with an unidentified woman while celebrating his birthday at a Rio nightclub on 21 August.

According to HollywoodLife, the Jamaican superstar was filmed with a woman (in her 20s), dressed in a white crop top and blue jeans. Bolt can be seen in a graphic black and white T-shirt paired with blue jeans and a red cap.

Reports say the video was taken the day after Bolt won the men’s 4x100m relay with Jamaican teammates. The video shows him grinding up against the women, while running his hands over her. Bolt had said that he was going to party after winning his ninth gold medal.

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