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Wanted???How To Avoid Been Tracked Down By The Police

This post is not intended for criminals,Sometimes you could be wanted for crimes not committed or just have to laylow for a while from the public eyes

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You should completely forget about yourself first. It includes your habits and daily routines. It includes your past familyconnection and love relationships. It includes changing your hang-out spots, restaurants you like to visit and friends you see.

The Secret Service focuses on your behavior and repetitive lifestyle patterns to spot you or follow you. They try to find your weakness i.e. need to consume alcohol, girls, drugs, sex, or anything you need to do regularly . If they know your weaknesses, it’s just a simple waiting game for them until you return to your usual spots.

It’s extremely difficult to follow anyone 24/7 as it is resources intensive but it’s also very easy to find someone given you know their weaknesses.

Have you wondered how police or any security agency look for the person after he is declared as “wanted”? Or how they surveillance anyone for collecting evidence?

There is a fundamental mistake all criminals make, which is getting into a routine and being overly confidence for whatever reasons. Even if they know that they are being followed, they just don’t care as they think they can keep outsmarting law enforcement.

For example,

John Gotti had plenty of chances to disappear with all the money he had and live peacefully, but no! He had to brag, get lots of attention from the media and thought he was smarter than law enforcement.

The interesting thing is his right-hand man Sam the bull is a free man even after murders. He never made the mistake of being arrogant.

Another example is

Michael franzese was one of the richest gangsters. He made $100 million a week by selling gas.


Do not go and live in an isolated area as it may provide you some cover, but it’s also easy to spot you/arrest you.

Here are some things you could do:

  1. Change your home city and home province or state.
  2. It’s safer to live in the city because easy to blend in the crowd.
  3. Live in middle class (clean folks) area.
  4. Don’t show off your money.
  5. Spend money via third party’s credit card, cash, or use prepaid visa cards.
  6. Use prepaid phone. Don’t make or receive phone calls. Let it go to voicemail and respond from public phone booth if you have to.
  7. Don’t hire prostitutes or escorts from the city.
  8. Don’t go to troubled clubs but go to the clean bars and have fun. Take only about 10000 with you in cash.
  9. Avoid clubs on weekends.
  10. Don’t be the part of the crowd that is causing trouble. Stay away.
  11. Speak at a minimum. Control your mouth (remember Gotti).
  12. Your past is your kryptonite, so don’t tell anyone about it for a while. You must let the statutory limitations to be in your favor before you open your goddamn mouth.
  13. Pretend to go to work everyday so your neighbors don’t notice that you don’t go to work and live a comfortable life.
  14. Become regular at the bar, obviously you are going to have to chat with people who work there. Let them know that you work for the “government” and can’t really give the details. However, you can say, “I follow money from illegitimate sources. It’s why you always see me by myself as I can’t risk my job by telling anyone anything under the influence of alcohol, you know?”
  15. Buy daily items from the corner store. Make good relations with them. Use them as your spies. (Law enforcement agencies usually go in neighborhood. They need refreshments as well or they will be spotted by members of the public who visit the establishment and “discuss” the moment in the neighborhood. You should have “barber, coffee shop and corner store” as your friends. Every other day ask, “Is there anything new in the neighborhood?”
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