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Weird Fact That Everyone Should Know

These facts may or may not be terrible.

  • Male dolphins do rape circles around female dolphins and potentially force them to interact. And dolphins KILL their own babies. After all, these friendly-looking animals, really aren’t so friendly!!!!

  •  Penguins push other penguins in the icy water to make sure there are no predators around!!! SMH!

  • A woman was given steroids for an allergic attack. In the next 3 years, she went through an unusual allergic reaction in which she would grow nails on her skin! Yikes!
  • “Their less-than-fresh meals can be crawling with germs, so vultures have a unique way of fending off infection—they poop on their feet! Bold choice, I know, but the bacteria in their waste fends off the germs in their food.”

  • A Viking Earl killed a man

He beheaded the man and placed the head on his saddle. To his surprise, the man’s teeth were digging into the Viking’s leg, which caused an infection, and the Viking dies. Care to say “Revenge of the Dead”? Oof

  • Jeanne Calment was known to make a Guinness World Record, and her name was recorded in the book because she lived up to the age of 112, in 1987. However, Calment had died in 1934, and it was revealed in 2018 that ever since the death of Calment, her daughter Yvonne was playing her mother to escape French estate taxes. *Sign*

Source: Weird Facts Most People Don’t Know

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