When I’m not acting, my life falls to pieces’ – Idris Elba

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He's fast becoming a national treasure, and has also won over Hollywood.

But Idris Elba has admitted that acting is much more than a job for him in a new interview with Esquire, as the London-born star revealed his roles are more like 'therapy'.

Speaking to British edition of the magazine, the 43-year-old Luther star - who recently split from girlfriend of three years, Naiyana Garth - explained that when he's not working his 'life falls to s***'.

Hinting at to what possibly caused his split from the make-up artist, the mother of his 23-month-old son Winston, the actor explained that life seems to take an 'interesting' turn for the worse when he's not on set.

Calling a day on their relationship in February, with the actor believed to have moved out of their London home the same month, the couple tried to keep their break-up out of the limelight.


Asked why the talented star - also an acclaimed musician and DJ - turned to acting as a career he candidly revealed it offered a sort of 'therapy' through which he could affect a 'cleanse' in his life.

'Er, therapy,' he said. 'If I’m honest, therapy is a good way to cleanse my... When I’m not acting is when my life falls to s***.'

Reflecting on his life - possibly his personal life and the breakdown of his relationship - at the moment he explained that he would be investing all his troubles into a character and not letting himself 'unravel'.

'It’s really interesting. Really interesting,' he explained. 'I’m going through this b******s right now ’cos I’m not on a film set.

'Had I been on a film set, I wouldn’t even have noticed. Probably. And not only that. If I did, it would have been all invested in my character.'

'Like now, you see me: as soon as I pick up my phone I sort of unravel, right? Don’t pick up the phone! You get to work, you don’t look at the phone ever.'

But if rumours were to be believed the Pacific Rim star wouldn't be facing any prolonged downtime from a movie set, as he is one of the hotly-tipped actors being lined-up for the role of James Bond.

However, while speculation is rife that he will take over the franchise from the reportedly departing Daniel Craig, the actor explained the public shouldn't entirely believe the hype.

Addressing the numerous whispers that have surfaced in recent months, the actor joked: 'What could you possibly write differently about that? It’s the most covered rumour in the world.'

But when pressed on the matter of Bond, the Hackney-born star explained that all the talk was 'speculation'.


Speaking about the prospect of the role going to him, he explained that despite being championed by the public he was unlikely to be given the role.

'It doesn’t matter how many people want me to do it,' he explained. 'It doesn’t mean I’m going to get it.'

He added: 'Every single Bond has never been chosen by that [public opinion] and, in fact, the ones that I think are most obvious are probably less likely to get chosen.'

And in another blow to those hoping the actor would embrace the opportunity to take on the role, he recently told Hello! US that he would only take on the role of 007 if it was 'the will of the nation'.

Something which he addressed in his talk with the magazine, saying in the UK 'the idea of me being Bond is split,' before stating at best the public backing is split, saying 'some are definitely against' him doing the films.


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