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Which Person Makes You Wonder “Why Are You Digging Your Own Grave?”

Elon Musk

According to Colin Zhou in a comment session on quora, Elon Musk is one person that makes you wonder why you are digging your grave.

Elon Musk

Giving reasons for his response, Zhou said, “Elon Musk works for over 80 hours a week, sometimes pushing 100 to 120.

Sleeping on the factory floor or under his desk numerous times. Fewer than seven hours of sleep a day (people can wake him up any time during the night to address problems).

Frequent traveling across the country. Not stepping out of Tesla Factory for a whole week!

No time for friends or family. Taking Ambien (drug) to sleep. Temporarily losing peripheral vision due to excessive consumption of Red Bull.

Stress from frequent failures and Wall Street investor predictions.

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