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Why Do Celebrities Get Engaged Really Fast? See The Psychology Behind

Celebrities are different from the rest of us. While we private citizens average about 3.2 years in a relationship before we consider getting engaged, and tend to pop the question at the end of our twenties, some people — like, say, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson — may get engaged in their early 20s, after dating publicly for only a few weeks.Read Also: One Of The Best Reationship Advice You Would Ever See (Read)

Now, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are the latest to join this club, after dating on and off for several years, and becoming “on” again around a month before Bieber reportedly proposed.

But a very, very quick engagement isn’t just a celebrity thing, though — people do it all the time. And the psychological reason why people get engaged really fast is, in a word, fascinating.

What drives people to make a huge commitment to someone they may have never even heard snore?

While studies haven’t specifically looked at the phenomenon of young celebrities getting married quickly, a 2014 study that looked at high rates of engagement and marriage among young people in the U.S. military may provide some insight. Researchers found that members of the military were more likely to get engaged or married younger because of the emotional and economic benefits; while people in the military often have a steady, reliable career progression, their jobs can involve high pressure, personal risk, and instability, which entails a lot of personal separation from loved ones.

“Military couples know that it is quite possible that they may not see their significant other for long periods of time, and there are similarities for celebrities,” says Klapow. “The travel, the separation, and the uncertainty that comes with a celebrity lifestyle can prompt young celebrities who have feelings for one another to want to find stability.”

But those are people in uniquely high-pressure situations — what about your cousin’s ex who got married to the literal next person he met? When it comes to young people in particular, many people are quick to dismiss a fast engagement as the whims of someone who has no idea how to control their impulses. But it turns out that the idea that young people are simply following their gut urges at every turn isn’t all that factual.


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