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WIndscreen Washer with Swags now a Celebrity, feature in La Mode Magazine

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Remember the windscreen washer guy with swags, guess what, he’s now a celebrity model.Popular windscreen washer Abdullahi Olatoyan has featured in a photo shoot for La Mode magazine.

Spotted in Abeokuta by photographer Daniel Sync, Olatoyan catches the eye not for his windscreen washing job, but how he’s dressed while doing it.


“He is the first suited windscreen cleaner I have ever seen”, Daniel said. “We need more innovative citizens like Abdulahi in Nigeria.”

He has gone viral since then, featuring in CNN and getting a job offer from Nigerian menswear line, OUCH.

“I saw attitude in him and thought if this man is doing this just to go and wash cars, he is someone that will work with a different mindset even if he’s doing the least popular job in the company” OUCH designer Uche Nnaji said.


His photoshoot with La Mode is titled ‘The Path’, and details Olatoyan’s struggles from dropping out of school to his newfound fame.


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