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Wondering If Bitcoin Current Price Is Sustainable ??(Read This)

We’ve seen an increase of +300% in Bitcoin over the last 3 months from $10,700 on October 10th 2020 to today January 7th 2021, unbelievable.

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The market is also looking very good for strong altcoins with many performing on par with Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, ADA and some having already outperformed Bitcoin such as EGLD, NANO, NEXO, XLM, ZIL, DOGE.

Now what will happen next?

There will probably be corrections on the way, but there is immense buying pressure from institutional investors. To that, add global instabilities, infinite FIAT inflation and coups on the American government and you have yourself enough fuel to keep the fire going.

We are definitely looking at a very strong year for Bitcoin and crypto in 2021.

The current price growth is sustainable because it was mostly fueled by institutional investors that are not looking to sell in the next few months and probably only once Bitcoin has crossed $100,000.

Still, there will be corrections on the way, so be aware of that.

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