Zimbabwean Socialite ‌Genuis ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure Partying In A Club Before The Fatal Crash With His Friends

An Instalive post has recorded moment before Zimbabwean socialite ‌Genuis ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure died in a fatal Rolls Royce crash with some of his friends.

Video of Zimbabwean socialite ?Genuis ?Ginimbi? Kadungure partying in a club before the fatal Rolls Royce crash with his friends

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LIB reported earlier that Ginimbi died hours after sharing a video of him heading out for celebration of popular fitness bunny and socialite Mimie Moana’s birthday at Dreams Nightclub in his Rolls Royce on Instagram.

Ginimbi’s PR manager, Ms. Shally who confirmed his death said he died alongside Karim, Alichia and Moana.

One of the deceased shared some Instalive posts which showed them partying in the club before the fatal accident.

Here is the video below;


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